la shawty (prod. by the villainger)

by Poe, The Legend

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[Chorus: The Villainger]
Shawty, La Shawty x8

[Verse One: Poe, The Legend]
My new bitch a goddess
Get stoned like I’m Onix
They waiting on me like the sequel to Chronic
Detoxing, But I just be popping these pills like a Ollie
Dropping the top in the Rari
Telling no bitch that I’m sorry
She riding my dick like a trolley
I beat that shit up like I’m Rocky
Feeling so cocky, Can’t nobody stop me
Or drop me, I’m Pac with the Gotti or shotty
Woah, Slow down bitch
You is not part of the crew
Dropping the top in the coupe
Standing right up then I shoot
Like (boo boo boo), Hey
Shawty la shawty
Shawty la shawty
Shawty la shawty
I pull up and shoot with the shotty (Bow)
Pull up I shoot with the gun (Whoo)
Riding around and I swerve (Yeah)
They cannot fuck with the crew (Yeah)
Pull up I, (Whoo)
Yeah, Hey Drop Top
Chevy with the Hot Box
If I ain’t even fucking then I bop bop
Pull up and I make the party rock


[Verse Two: Poe, The Legend]
Fucking your bitch and I pull off her skirt
Hop in the coupe and then pull off like Skrrt
We smoking herb it’s loud like spoken word
You know we absurd taking shots like the Spurs
03 Genobli, I feel like I’m Kobe
You know what I’m saying, Super Saiyan Broly
Bitch I’m the G-O-D, I won’t ever OD
But we leave you holy like moly we won like...


released April 16, 2017
produced by villainger productions.



all rights reserved


Poe, The Legend Baltimore, Maryland

Poe, The Legend is a musician, artist and songwriter born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He takes on multiple manifestations of himself that are portrayed throughout his music. His music stresses the idea of coloring outside of the lines. His full length project titled “mi$fit” is available now.
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